“This is the most authentic and most affordable among the Japanese go-to foods in the Metro today. Right now, we are getting a lot of repeat customers,” remarks Barbara Syyap, Takoyadon’s franchisee in Venice Grand Canal Mall Food Hall.


(Takoyadon Venice Grand Canal Mall Food Hall Grand Opening, March 28, 2022)

After bringing on-the-go Japanese food to foodies in Venice Grand Canal Mall, one of Takoyadon’s takoyaki flavors gained rave reviews and became a best-seller for BPO workers and mall goers in the area.

(Takoyadon’s best-selling Shifudo Chizu Takoyaki)

So, what’s with the Shifudo Chizu takoyaki that captured the taste buds of those who have already tried it? See some of the food reviews below:

“Aaaah! My new #1 fave Takoyaki place! It tastes so fresh and you can really see and taste the octopus. My personal fave is the one with cheese. It elevates the flavor of the takoyaki and it’s definitely a must-try!”

“Yum! The octopus inside was not too chewy so it wasn’t hard to eat. The sauce and cheese were so good and went really well with the takoyaki. It’s definitely great for sharing with friends and fam (or a treat for yourself). I’m excited to try the other flavors they offer!”

“The best takoyaki in town! It tastes like the ones in Japan! The Shifudo Chizu’s flavor is my favorite!”

“Soo good! I tried the Shifudo Chizu flavor one and it did not disappoint! The sauce has a mix of sweet and salty flavors and the takoyaki has great consistency. I will definitely try the other flavors next!”

“Delicious food at an affordable price. Also recommended for picky taste buds!”

Are you working in Taguig and curious about the taste of Takoyadon’s best-selling Shifudo Chizu? Visit Takoyadon at the GF Food Hall of Venice Grand Canal Mall and taste for yourself what the rave is about.

Aside from Takoyaki, there are also a wide variety of Japanese dishes you can try like Yakisoba, Donburi, and Udon.
If you’re interested in franchising and opening a Takoyadon branch in your area, contact us for more details and a one-on-one presentation.



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