To bring authentic and affordable on-the-go Japanese food with a Filipino touch to consumers and food lovers, Nego Food Solution Corp.—the company behind the brand—brought the Takoyadon Japanese comfort food on-the-go concept to the market.

Its main Japanese food offerings are Takoyaki, Yakisoba, Donburi, and Udon, hence the name Takoyadon. 

Takoyadon took the risk and started to operate at the height of the pandemic and opened its first branch in BF Resort, Las Pinas in 2020. What started as a store for take out and deliveries soon expanded across the Metro and nearby provinces at full speed. 

In 2022 alone, Takoyadon opened over 25 branches in food courts of big malls and commercial establishments and is still continuing to add additional branches across the country. At present, Takoyadon is starting to penetrate the market for full dine-in set ups. 

With its competitive and profitable franchise package and well-thought-of Japanese food concept, Takoyadon established itself as a fast-growing brand within just 2 years of operations.