Want to find the right words to describe that great Japanese dish you just had? We all know that oishii means delicious, but there are a lot more words to accurately and better describe a Japanese dish. Increase your Japanese vocabulary with these food-related adjectives.

1. 甘い (amai) for sweet

(Mochi Ice Cream; Photo: Pexels)

The Japanese word 甘い (amai) is used to describe sweet foods such as fruits, taiyaki or fish cake, dorayaki or baked sweets, dango or sweet rice dumplings, and mochi or rice cake.

2. 辛い (karai) for spicy

(Wasabi; Photo: Wikicommons / Creative Commons)

The Japanese word 辛い (karai) is used to describe foods with a spicy kick to them such as wasabi, chili, and shichimi togarashi or seven spice pepper that’s often sprinkled on top of noodles or donburi dishes.

3. しょっぱい (shoppai) for salty

(Soy Sauce; Photo: Andreas Theis from Pixabay)

The Japanese word しょっぱい (shoppai) is used to describe salty foods and condiments such as soy sauce, Japanese pickles, miso, and salted fish. You can also use it to describe dishes with high salt content like ramen.

4. 酸っぱい (suppai) for sour or tangy

(Umeboshi; Photo: Yuzu from Pixabay)

The Japanese word 酸っぱい (suppai) is used to describe foods with a sour or tangy taste such as umeboshi (dried plum), citrus fruits, and vinegar pickles.

5. カリカリ (karikari) for crispy

(Takoyadon’s Katsudon)

The Japanese word カリカリ (karikari) is used to describe foods that are crunchy or crispy. It can be anything from karaage or fried chicken, katsudon or deep-fried breaded pork, to tempura.

6. とろり (torori) for gooey

(Takoyadon’s Shifudo Chizu Takoyaki)

The Japanese word とろり (torori) is used to describe any gooey food such as melted cheese on takoyaki and cheese korokke or deep-fried and panko-coated potato croquettes filled with gooey cheese.

7. ぜっぴん (zeppin) for superb

(Takoyadon’s Donburi selections)

The Japanese word ぜっぴん (zeppin) literally means superb, perfection, masterpiece, or wonderful. It is often used for foods that exceed expectations and are impressively delicious.

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